For Learners

For Learners
by Trinity College Dublin

Within our training site you will find training modules and resources that can complement your knowledge of digital humanities and your career development in research infrastructures.  These are structured in such a way that you can dip into the training resources directly, or you can follow one of our structured thematic modules.

The materials on this site generally map to one of three learning levels:

  1. Beginner Level (eg. Introduction to Research Infrastructures) assumes only a moderate level of experience with digital humanities, and none with research infrastructures.  Units, videos and lectures are all kept to short, manageable chunks on topics that may be of general interest, but which are presented with an infrastructural twist.
  2. Intermediate Level (eg. Management Challenges in Research Infrastructures) approaches some of the major challenges in building and maintaining research infrastructures.  These materials are somewhat more dense, and benefit from a more comprehensive grounding in digital humanities and the management of research projects.
  3. Advanced Level (eg. Collaborations of Research Infrastructures) presents some of the exciting new research directions coming out of the PARTHENOS Cluster.  These modules approach some of the theoretical issues that shape the design, delivery and indeed the success of research infrastructure developments, challenging us to think about how we develop and support humanities at scale in the interaction with technology.

These modules have been devised by experts in the field within PARTHENOS.  You can find out more about the PARTHENOS training plan by visiting the ‘About PARTHENOS Training‘ page.  Alternatively you can find out more about the PARTHENOS project by clicking in the ‘About Us‘ link in the footer.