Webinar: “e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond tools”

Webinar: “e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond tools”
by Ulrike Wuttke

Date and Time:

Thursday, 22.02.2018, 11:00 – 12:00 A.M. CET (registration closed)

Short Wrap & Materials of this webinar.


Steven Krauwer (Senior Advisor CLARIN, Utrecht, NL) and Stefan Schmunk (State and University Library Göttingen, Germany)

What will this webinar cover?

This webinar will provide a theoretical basis for a general understanding of the digital and infrastructural turn in the (Digital) Humanities and Cultural Heritage along with theoretical and critical reflections around the topic: Which opportunities and challenges do Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities Research Infrastructures offer for research(ers)? The webinar will further explain how different stakeholders can engage with Research Infrastructures (community engagement and user engagement). Examples are research communities and networks, transnational digital collections, thematic working groups, overarching organisations (ERIC platforms, the Research Data Alliance), conferences and workshops, Transnational Access, Research Infrastructures in Academic Curricula. As a general introductory webinar it will also touch on some aspects of the other webinars in the PARTHENOS Webinar Series including a short introduction of the research lifecycle. This webinar will feature “teasers” from several Research Infrastructures, such as short introduction videos or webcontent).

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the Webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • understand the research life cycle and the life cycle of engagement with Research Infrastructures
  • consider the benefits and issues of the digital turn in the humanities
  • understand the general concept Humanities “Research Infrastructure” (analog and digital)
  • demonstrate an understanding of opportunities and challenges of Digital Humanities and eHeritage Research Infrastructures

How to Register

Participation in the online webinar is free, only registration is required via Eventbrite (registration closed). For questions about the registration process please contact: parthenos-webinars@fh-potsdam.de.

Please Note:

This webinar will be filmed for future use, and made available on the PARTHENOS Training Suite. Participants are not filmed in person, only the chat function of the webinar.

This webinar will be conducted a second time during the European Summer University in Digital Humanities at Leipzig (ESU 2018).

About the trainers:

Steven Krauwer (Senior Advisor CLARIN, Utrecht, NL)

Steven KrauwerSteven Krauwer got his degree in mathematics from Utrecht University in 1971, with a minor in linguistics. Since 1972 he has been working as a researcher, lecturer and project manager in the Utrecht institute of Linguistics of the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University. He has worked on formal languages, computational linguistics with a special focus on machine translation, and since the mid-nineties on language and speech resources, with a special interest in under-resourced and endangered languages. He was the coordinator of the EC funded CLARIN project that led to the creation of CLARIN ERIC, of which he was the first executive director from 2012 until 2015. He is now senior advisor to the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors.

Stefan Schmunk (State and University Library Göttingen, Germany)

Stefan SchmunckStefan Schmunk holds a degree in History and Political Science and a PhD in Contemporary History from the University of Technology, Darmstadt. From December 2012 until February 2016 he was coordinator of the project DARIAH-DE – Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities and of several other research projects in the fields of research data and research infrastructures in the Arts and Humanities.

Since June 2015 he is deputy head of the Research and Development Department (RDD) at Göttingen State and University Library (SUB). He is a member of the Editorial Board of the DARIAH Working Papers and his main focus in research are methods in the field of Information Science, Digital Library, and research data and research infrastructures in the Arts and Humanities.

This webinar is part of the PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series (find out more here).

Main contact for the PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series: Dr. Ulrike Wuttke (wuttke@fh-potsdam.de).

Image Credits:

Featured Image: “eHumanities and eHeritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond Tools”, Background picture CC0 PARTHENOS