Webinar Parthenos - Puren and Illmayer

Date and Time:

Tuesday, 13.02.2018, 11:00 – 12:00 A.M. CET (registration closed)

Short Wrap & Materials of this webinar.


Dr. Marie Puren (Inria, Paris, France) and Klaus Illmayer (ACDH-OEAW, Austria)

What will this webinar cover?

This webinar is dedicated to the phase of the research life cycle “Plan Research Project”. It first introduces the participants to an understanding of the advantages and practicalities of research collaboration in and with Research infrastructures. It then dives into details of project planning, touches upon the basics of the FAIR principles, and will focus especially on the importance of using standards in Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage research and how to identify relevant standards for the participants’ own research. This webinar will give an introduction to the Standards Survival Kit that is developed within PARTHENOS. It will also cross-link to other materials developed within PARTHENOS and by the PARTHENOS Cluster Partners.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the Webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • understand advantages and practicalities of research collaboration in and with Research Infrastructures
  • demonstrate an understanding of the basics of the FAIR principles and especially of the importance of standards
  • know how to identify relevant standards for their own research

How to Register

Participation in the online webinar is free, only registration is required via Eventbrite (Registration closed). For questions about the registration process please contact: parthenos-webinars@fh-potsdam.de.

Please Note:

This webinar will be filmed for future use, and made available on the PARTHENOS Training Suite. Participants are not filmed in person, only the chat function of the webinar.

This webinar will be conducted a second time during the European Summer University in Digital Humanities at Leipzig (ESU 2018).

About the trainers:

Dr. Marie Puren (Inria, Paris, France)

Marie Puren Marie Puren Ph.D., is junior researcher in Digital Humanities at the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematic (Inria) in Paris, member of the Almanach laboratory (INRIA – EPHE). As collaborator to the PARTHENOS H2020 project, she focuses her research on the development of standards for research tools in Arts and Humanities, and she currently works on the creation of a Data Management Plan for this project. Marie Puren also contributes to the IPERION H2020 project, especially by upgrading its Data Management Plan.

Klaus Illmayer (ACDH-OEAW, Austria)

Klaus Illmayer

Klaus Illmayer studied Theatre, Film, and Media Studies at the University of Vienna. In his PhD thesis he analyzed the role of media as a discourse in the field of Theatre studies. This included not only the analysis of historical discussions but also a brief look at the significance of Digital Humanities for Theatre studies. He is currently working on a digital research platform for Theatre studies.
At ACDH-OEAW, he is involved in the European Commission Horizon 2020 project PARTHENOS (WP2/WP3/WP4), with a focus on standards and quality of (meta)data.

This webinar is part of the PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series (find out more here).

Main contact for the PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series: Dr. Ulrike Wuttke (wuttke@fh-potsdam.de).

Image Credits:

Featured Image: “How to work successfully with eHumanities and eHeritage Research Infrastructures: The Devil is in the Details”, pictures Mork and Tork Cartoon CC-BY Aghate Gastaldi

Picture Klaus Illmayer: CC-BY 4.0 Sandra Lehecka