About PARTHENOS Training

About PARTHENOS Training
by Trinity College Dublin

Why develop training?

Over the past ten years, researchers, institutional leaders and policymakers have begun to speak more and more about infrastructure.  As more voices join the conversation, however, it can sometimes become more difficult, rather than less, to understand what exactly research infrastructure is and does.  In particular in the humanities, and the digital humanities, the term is used to cover a lot of different projects, resources and approaches.

To address this gap, the PARTHENOS cluster of humanities research infrastructure projects has devised this series of training modules and resources for researchers, educators, managers, and policy makers who want to learn more about research infrastructures and the issues and methods around them.

The modules, which released on a rolling basis from late 2016, cover a wide range of awareness levels, requirements and topic areas within the landscape of research infrastructure.  You can access the modules from the menu above, where you can also find specific guidance for independent learners and for instructors looking to incorporate this material into existing courses.

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