The PARTHENOS e-Humanities and e-Heritage Webinar Series

The PARTHENOS e-Humanities and e-Heritage Webinar Series
by Trinity College Dublin

The PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series provides a lens through which a more nuanced understanding of the role of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage research infrastructures in research can be obtained.  Participants of the PARTHENOS Webinar Series will delve into a number of topics, technologies, and methods that are connected with an “infrastructural way” of engaging with data and conducting humanities research.

Topics include: theoretical and practical reflections on digital and analogue research infrastructures; opportunities and challenges of eHumanities and eResearch; finding, working and contributing to Research Infrastructure collections; standards; FAIR principles; ontologies; tools and Virtual Research Environments (VREs), and; new publication and dissemination types.

Starting from the researchers’ perspective, the individual webinars will focus on the role of Research Infrastructures in the individual phases of the research life cycle, and engaging with Research Infrastructures in general.

Learning outcomes

Each webinar of the PARTHENOS Webinar Series has an individual focus and can be followed independently.  Participants who follow the whole series will gain a complete overview on the role and value of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage Research Infrastructures for research, and will be able to identify Research Infrastructures especially valuable for their research and data.


There no formal assessment for any of these webinars

Audience and Participation

This webinar series is aimed at Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage practitioners who wish to learn how to optimally benefit from and cooperate with Research Infrastructures. The webinars are also suitable for computer scientists and researchers/practitioners in data centres who want to gain more insight into humanities and cultural heritage related aspects of digital research infrastructures.

The webinars are aimed at entry level, no specialist knowledge is required to attend. Participants may wish to browse the relevant sections in the PARTHENOS Training Suite to benefit most from the webinars. No programming skills are required. All potential parties are welcome.

Technical requirements for participation

It is very easy to participate. The webinars are conducted using Adobe Connect. To participate from your desk in one of the webinars you need only access to the internet, speakers/headphones and an up-to-date web-browser with Adobe Flash Player installed .


Participation in the webinars is free, but registration is required via Eventbrite.  You will find the registration details for each individual webinar in the dedicated section for the individual webinar.  For questions about the registration, contact

The details for the individual webinars will be announced on a rolling basis


Main contact: Dr. Ulrike Wuttke (

For questions about the registration use:

The Webinars

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The PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Webinar Series was developed by University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and Leipzig University (Elisabeth Burr, Stefanie Läpke, Heike Neuroth, Rebecca Sierig, Ulrike Wuttke) for the PARTHENOS project.

The PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage webinar series is a cross PARTHENOS training effort with input and speakers from several PARTHENOS Work Packages as well as external experts. It is organised and moderated by Ulrike Wuttke (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) and especially supported by PARTHENOS Work Package 7 (led by TCD), Work Package 2 (led by CLARIN) and WP 8 (led by NIOD-KNAW).

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