by Trinity College Dublin

By the end of this section, you should be able to….

  • Describe the Data Lifecycle and how this relates to your own data
  • Explain data preservation techniques and identify best practice for data management
  • Understand the role of Persistent Identifiers in making information discoverable
  • Understand and describe issues relating to Intellectual Property Rights and licensing and how this relates to your own research

Introduction to Sustainability

Where does ‘Sustainability’ feature in our statement?

Research infrastructures bring together diverse resources and make them usable and available for the long term in order to conduct research (either individually or collaboratively) and share the results of that research.  

You would probably not be too eager to trust your data and research in process to an infrastructure that you were not sure would be there tomorrow.  Infrastructures are therefore very sensitive to issues of how to sustain their activities, and reduce the risk of data or methodological loss.  Unfortunately, there are a number of possible threats to the sustainability of a research infrastructure, which are mitigated by awareness of an application of best practice in data curation and preservation, management of IPR and copyright, the use of persistent identifiers, and the development of responsive models for partnering and future development of RIs.